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The state of the juice industry

The public has been misled for too long…

Our Mission
Empower consumers with truth
Build trust within the industry
Lobby for lasting change
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Started by sixty juice companies

Frustrated about the state of the industry

JMA officially launched at JuiceCon 2019, with over 60 independent juice companies joining together to form a unified voice. JMA is officially open to membership to juice companies, vendors, and suppliers all over the world who want to make a difference.

Why join the JMA?


Industry research data

Through surveys, polls, and member-supplied data we will aim to provide members with comprehensive industry data.


Educational materials

JMA will provide assets and educational materials that help make starting and running juice business easier.


Exclusive vendor deals

JMA negotiates special deals for members including bottle discounts, equipment discounts, consulting discounts, and more.


Online member forum

An exclusive discussion forum only open to JMA members allows us to connect with each other and ask for help. We are in this together!


Collaboration with peers

Group meetups, committees, video conferencing and more will help the juice industry thrive through collaboration and support.


Group buying opportunities

JMA is forming buying groups to negotiate discounts for produce and other items in each unique member region, making juicing more profitable.

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Independent juice companies and suppliers are joining JMA to help push the industry forward. Don't miss out on exclusive member-only benefits.