Welcome to JMA

Juice Makers Association was announced at JuiceCon 2018 with a great response. We will begin accepting members at JuiceCon 2019. 

Educating consumers

JMA will invest in studies and supply association members with materials they can use to educate their consumers using a unified voice. Let’s teach the world about juice!


Members of the JMA will be able to connect with each other and help each other grow. By forming cohorts, we can group members by business type and location.

Lobbying for change

In the US, it is illegal under federal law to wholesale raw juice, even on a local level. JMA will lobby the government to relax the laws and allow the juice industry thrive.


Build Trust in Your Customers

  • When customers see the JMA certified logo, they can trust that what the label says is the truth. JMA will certify your process and give you a unique QR code to display on your packaging.

Dedicated Listing

  • Each certified company will have a listing on the JMA website that shows the customer exactly how many, and which processing steps were used in creating the juice they're about to buy.
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